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October 01 2013

When taking the drug, bear in mind not to overdose because it will not potentiate the effects of the drug and will only do farther injury. You should have an allowance of twenty-four hours before you take another pill of Eriacta once you have taken the first dose.  

More Facts Do not self medicate and use Eriacta without consulting a doctor, as the doctor is the only right person who can decide on the correct dosage and precise Eriacta for you. When the doctor asks you about your erectile dysfunction, be honest and do not hide any information from the doctor.

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Eriacta tablets (100mg) are available in our online pharmacy. Keep in mind that for men older than 70 years with hepatic impairment, the dose may be too high. For these men tablet can be divided into 2 or 3 pieces. We do not recommend you to take Eriacta with other drugs.  The drug should be taken only if you want to have sex. Eriacta should not be taken more than once a day. Before using the medication you should consult your doctor.

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